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Занимаетесь ли Вы переводами англ-рус. и с русского на английский в скайпе онлайн

Здравствуйте, Алексей Эдуардович.

Занимаетесь ли Вы переводами англ-рус. и с русского на английский онлайн?
Переводы: свидетельства о рождения, о браке, судебные дела, допросы.
Перевод отправляется по email, возвращается в Word.

Если заинтересованы, пишите. Skype ID (логин в скайпе) - Alex110365

Репетитор английского языка.
Марьино, Красногвардейская, Царицыно, Кантемировская, Домодедовская, Орехово,
Братиславская, Люблино, Печатники (Москва).
Занятия как со взрослыми, так и с детьми:
подготовка к ЕГЭ в ВУЗы,
к прохождению различных тестов на знание языка и т.д.
Индивидуальный подход и разработка программы.
Образование - МГЛУ.

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  1. Преподаватель Лингвистического Университета (ИН-ЯЗ им. Мориса Тореза).
    Английский, немецкий и французский языки свободно.
    Выезд на дом или в офис по согласованию.
    Дополнительная информация - на сайте Arepetitor.ru
    Персональный репетитор

  2. Уроки немецкого языка онлайн с репетитором онлайн по скайпу:

    der Krug — Kruge кувшин; кружка, кабак, трактир
    Der aus dem Niederd. ubernommene Ausdruck fur „die Schenke, Wirtshaus - трактир, кабак, корчма" geht zuruck auf gleichbedeutend mnd. kroch, kruch das wahrscheinlich im Ablaut zu "Kragen"
    (ursprunglich „Hals, Kehle - горло") steht.
    Kragen - шея; горло (большей частью, в устойчивых сочетаниях; переносно - также в значении "голова", "жизнь")
    das kann ihm den Kragen kosten — это может стоить ему головы.
    Beachte dazu z.B. das Verhaltnis (отношение) von lat. gurges, gurgulio" „Schlund, Kehle" zu gurgustium „Schenke, Kneipe".
    Im heutigen Sprachgefuhl wird das Wort als identisch mit Krug - кружка, Gefaess - сосуд" empfunden - воспринимается.

    1. Урок №1 Английский для начинающих. #youtube Английский с нуля от репетитора Алексея Э. Султанова - лучшего учителя Москвы. Урок 12
      Английский разговорник. Повседневные слова и фразы (часть 12-я) ВИДЕО
      Звуки английского языка. Урок 2. Произношение гласных. Английские глаголы.
      Переведите с английского языка текст:
      IT WAS HIS FIRST BIG JOB ON his own responsibility, with no superior closer than Galactic Center, which was a long way off. He was not at all sure he was going to be able to do it.
      He said so to Ruvi, slowing down the cumbersome ground car so she could see what he meant.
      "Look at it. How can this mess ever be made into a civilized continent?"
      She turned her head in the quick way she had and said, "Scared, Flin?"
      "I guess I am."
      He was ashamed to say it, particularly since it was not really the difficulty and importance of the job that daunted him but the planet itself. He had studied weather-control engineering on his home-world at Mintaka, which was one of the science's earliest triumphs, and he had done research and field work on five other worlds, at least two of which were in fairly early stages of control. But he had never been anywhere before that was so totally untouched by galactic civilization. Peripheral Survey had made contact with these fringe systems only in the last couple of decades and that was far too short a time to make much of an impress on them. Even in the big urban centers an alien like himself could hardly walk down the street yet without attracting an unwelcome amount of attention, not all of it polite. Coming from the Federation worlds with their cosmopolitan populations, Flin found this hard to take. But Galactic Center was enthusiastic about these fringe worlds because quite a few of them had an amazingly high, if highly uneven, degree of civilization which they had developed literally in their several vacuums. Center was in a rush to send them teachers and technicians and that was why he, far ahead of his due time, had been pitchforked into the position of leading a four-man planning-and-instruction team of weather-control experts. It was a splendid opportunity with splendid possibilities for the future, and the raise in pay had enabled him to take on Ruvi as a permanent mate much sooner than he had hoped. But he hadn't bargained for the loneliness, the constant uncertainty in relationships, the lack of all the vast solid background he was used to on the Federation worlds. Ruvi said, "All right then, I'll admit I'm scared too. And hot. Let's stop this clumsy thing and get a breath of air. Right over there looks like a good place." He eased the car off the narrow road, onto a point of land with a few big stones around the edge to mark the drop-off. Ruvi got out and went to stand by them, looking out over the valley. The breeze pressed her thin yellow tunic against her body and ruffled the soft short silvery mass of curls around her head. Her skin glistened even under this alien sun with the dark lovely green of youth and health. Flin's heart still turned over in him every time he looked at her. He did not suppose this would last forever but as long as it did it was a beautiful sort of pain. He made sure he had done the required things to keep the car from bolting away over the cliff and then joined her. The breeze was hot and moisture-laden, full of strange smells. The valley wound away in a series of curves with a glint of water at the bottom. On either side of it the rough ridges rolled and humped, blue in the distance where the heat haze covered them, rank green closer at hand with the shaggy woods that grew wild on them, the trees pushing and crowding for space, choked with undergrowth and strangling vines, absolutely neglected. "I suppose," said Ruvi, "they're full of wild animals, too." "Nothing very dangerous, I believe." Ruvi shivered slightly.
      Нужен переводчик английского языка - требуется спрос на обучение английскому языку